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Windows 10 is a talkative operating system. Very chatty ! Of course, it is possible to disable only the sound of notifications. But, as Skype and Mail applications are synchronized, this can be very insufficient. Sometimes you […]

The Galaxy S9? The information on its price, release date, and data sheet begin to give a taste of what will be the successor of the Galaxy S8. The design should remain in all respects identical with […]

You want to download and install the latest version of Google Play Store now. Doing so will allow you to take advantage of the latest features of the official Android applications market, but also and especially security […]

Windows 10 has many secret parameters that you can unlock thanks to Regedit. Provided, of course, to know the values ​​presented in this article! Dark theme, accelerated startup, transparency of the taskbar … You will know all […]

The connected bracelet is trendy and wants to be your inseparable companion, especially if you are sporty or give weight importance to your health and well-being. One can sometimes lose oneself in front of the multitude of […]

Gof of War or God of War 4 comes out on PS4 early 2018. Release date, trailers, history, we take stock of all the information and leaks available at the moment. This is the first title of […]

Since the reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2008 with Iron-Man, more than thirty video games have emerged on home, laptop and smartphone consoles. Of course, among this multitude, the results have been very uneven. […]

For one reason or another, you want to delete the root of your Android smartphone. The process for doing this is simpler than the one leading to root. In this article, we describe three different methods to […]

New good plan on GearBest for people who want to buy a high-performance smartphone with excellent value for less than 200 euros. The special edition of the Xiaomi Mi A1 in its red dress is on sale […]

Scan a document is today the most simple of the world thanks to any smartphone. Several applications make it possible, taking advantage of the increasingly powerful cameras of our devices. In this article, we explain how to […]

What are the best wireless bluetooth headphones you can buy in 2018? The options are numerous and the qualities vary too. The wireless headphones true wireless are popular, popularized by the famous AirPods Apple. Discover our selection […]